Patreon Bonus Episode One (with HHI Sound Guy, Frank Leon)

Ladies and gentleman, gather round and I shall tell you a story.  Just over one year ago I embarked on the adventure of creating the Half Hour Intern podcast.  An adventure that, very fortunately for me, I did not have to embark on alone.  For the world is dark and full of terrors, including lackluster intro music, noisy air conditioning units, stuttering, and ear splitting pops and sibilance.  With me I had my good friend, sound engineer, and free manual labor specialist, Frank Leon.  With Frank by my side we would go on to make a good show with 1000's of fans.  Today Frank tells his story of what the journey has been like for him, and just how the heck he tames the crazy audio I send him. 

Attached you'll find a sample of this episode.  Frank and I need your temporary support to continue making episodes of Half Hour Intern.  This full interview, and future bonus episodes, are accessible to anyone supporting the show through the Half Hour Intern Patreon page.  If you like Half Hour Intern, please consider supporting.  Every contribution goes a long way towards making the future of Half Hour Intern a reality.



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