Moveable Feast Retreats (with Laura and Tim Sullivan)

I loved that when we would sit down at a cafe next to two french people who had just ordered an espresso it was literally impossible to out-sit them. It’s like 2 hours, and they’re still on their ounce of espresso.

Life is a journey best spent with your whole heart and mind invested.  Hold nothing back.  Love fully.  Travel far and wide, and learn and experience with an open mind.  Eat great meals with people that make you smile.  Experience deeply.  Through all of this, live with a light heart that is focused on the present.  These beliefs were the foundations of a wonderful idea and are now the blood and bone of a wonderful company, Moveable Feast Retreats.  Uber amazing couple Laura and Tim Sullivan come on the show to share their grand vision for the ultimate vacation, and tell stories from the recent inaugural retreat.

If you take our 12th century castle idea and just think of the worst case scenario, we’re out thousands of dollars, but the two of us are alone in a 12th century castle sitting on a float in the swimming pool drinking champagne. And as far as worst case scenarios go, we were okay with that one.
Boom! It pops off, explodes all over the place, we’re pouring champagne, everyones cheering, it’s sunny, everyones happy, just contented to talk about the same things Baudelaire was talking about in the 1800’s.

Interview Contents

3:00 - The idea behind moveable feasts.
6:00 - Trying to hit the sweet spot between a tour and a relaxing deep cultural experience.
8:45 - Flâner
11:00 - Following through on the idea for moveable feasts.
13:40 - Marketing moveable feasts.
16:00 - Looking for a psychographic.
18:00 - Working with bloggers.
21:15 - Picking France as the first location.
28:00 - The number of people on the first trip.
30:00 - Finding the castle for the first trip.
32:00 - Setting a vibe for the trip.
35:15 - The biggest hurdle.
36:30 - The chef.
38:00 - Perfect coincidences.
45:00 - The best, most surreal moment of the trip.
47:00 - Lessons learned from the first trip.
48:30 - The next trip.


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