Marine Mammal Veterinarian (with Dr. Juli)

When people first hear about it they say ‘Oh my gosh! You get to swim with dolphins’…but we have a saying, ‘The vet doesn’t get wet’

The ocean contains 71% of the Earth’s surface…it makes up 99% of the living space on the planet!  And yet how much do we know about it?  How much do we try to help its inhabitants?  Me…Unfortunately, not so much.  Today’s guest, Dr. Juli, has spent her entire adult life trying to help these creatures, trying to find out more about the 99%.  She'll help us all learn more about that world and more about these amazing neighbors that call our planet home. 

Winter, probably one of the most famous dolphins now, I was involved in the rescue. It’s kinda weird for me, here is this major feature, and it’s kindof about my life, about something I was involved in
It was like losing a child…that animal inspires me every day to be a better veterinarian and to be the person that my dog thought I was


2:40 – How do you answer the question ‘what do you do for a living?

4:15 – Do people always want to learn more about what you do?

5:10 – Physical exams.

6:40 – Marine mammal body adaptations.

7:30 – Can marine mammals get a cold?

8:30 – Animals masking their injuries and sicknesses.

10:40 – Marine mammal communication.

12:35 – How they see.

13:50 – Some of the most interesting things Dr. Juli has ever learned about the animals she works on.

17:00 – Dr. Juli’s path to becoming a vet.

25:15 – The real life story of the dolphin tale movies.

29:00 – A baby dolphin getting beached in the wild.

32:00 – Two sides to the SeaWorld/Blackfish debate.

37:25 – Children getting inspired.

39:50 – The versatile veterinarian degree.

43:30 – Seahorses.

46:30 – The most memorable day as a vet.

52:10 – Misconceptions people have about being a marine mammal vet.

58:15 – Advice for becoming a vet.

59:20 - Advice for being around cool animals.


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