Group Fitness Instructor (with Mauro Wilder)

Yeah I was really nervous. I was shaking, my heart was beating really fast.

Most people in the world don’t get enough exercise.  It’s just…so…hard.  It’s like work.  And we already have to work for a living.  Who wants even more work to do when we get done with work?  Many of us that do exercise tolerate it for the benefits, and we manage to maintain discipline long enough to get us to the gym or out the door for a run.  Others constantly look for more ways to spice up exercise to make it more than tolerable, more than just work.  Something, dare I say, closer to fun.  Today’s guest is a group fitness instructor and his whole goal is to help you have a good time while achieving your fitness goals.

One of the members at the gym said, “so what kind of demonic workout are we going to do today?”
Every person has a different reason for coming in...but everybody has one common goal and that’s to better themselves each and every day.

Interview Contents

2:15 - Why group fitness and not 1 on 1?
5:00 - Motivating people.
6:00 - The considerations that need to be made when making a class.
9:15 - How much flexibility can you have when making a class?
13:00 - Putting together on obstacle course.
14:45 - Common elements that help make a great class.
17:40 - The difference between morning, afternoon, and evening classes.
20:00 - The most popular and least popular classes.
21:00 - Designing something that didn’t work out.
24:00 - Filling up your motivation tank.
26:00 - Mauro’s path to becoming a fitness instructor.
30:00 - Advice.



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