Food Writer (with Emma Christensen)

Nothing is ever truly new in the food world… So it’s about kind of putting your own spin on something. Bringing your own personality, your own flavors, your own creativity to a recipe.

Nothing brings people together quite like a good meal.  This makes today’s guest somewhat of an important person.  You could say that Emma is a food writer and that she comes up with amazing recipes for a living.  You could, in a more indirect way, say that Emma is a happiness dealer that knocks over the first domino en route to good times and lasting memories.  I mean, without people like Emma over the years we’d all probably just be eating the same damn thing every day, and there’d be nothing happy about that.  Today she tells us how she comes up with her wonderful recipes and gives us a behind the scenes look at the food writing world.

That’s not my style of cooking really…my bread and butter is just plain home cooking. Whatever equipment you have, whatever type of kitchen you’re working in, whatever skill level you have, I just want you to be able to make a good meal.
So they usually take my recipe and go into their test kitchen, and sometimes it’s fine and I don’t hear anything back and I see it appear in the magazine a couple months later. Sometimes the editor will come back to me and be like “you know…I think there might be just a little too much smoked paprika in this recipe.”

Interview Contents

3:15 - Getting inspired to come up with new recipes.
10:45 - The mad scientist kitchen.
12:45 - Testing a recipe.
16:00 - Has making cooking your job taken any of the joy out of it?
20:40 - Emma’s writing and the strategy behind it.
32:30 - The editing process.
35:30 - Freelance. Salary. Pay.
40:00 - Emma’s favorite magazines, cookbooks, and sites.
41:45 - Emma’s favorite part of the job.
42:45 - Advice.


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Emma's suggested links:

Fine Cooking -
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Lucky Peach -
Edible Communities -

BOOKS (These are ones that I use and reference regularly):
How to Cook Everything - Mark Bittman:
King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion -
The Kitchn Cookbook -
Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi -
Eat by Nigel Slater - (lots of good weeknight meal inspiration)
Joy of Cooking -
The New Family Book from America's Test Kitchen -
Saveur: The New Classics -
Tartine No. 3 by Chad Robertson -
Stir-Frying to the Sky's Edge by Grace Young -

Serious Eats - (especially anything and everything by Stella Parks. She is a genius.)
Nom Nom Paleo -
Team Yogurt -
A Sweet Spoonful -
Minimalist Baker -
My New Roots -
Naturally Ella -
Pinch of Yum -
Top with Cinnamon -



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