Float Nurse (with Sefora Fox)

If I had to just swing in for 10 minutes and then leave like the doctors do I wouldn’t have the million funny stories that I get in a day. I couldn’t imagine my life without actually getting to spend time with my patients.

What’s the most important job that you can think of?  Thanks to my skills in the clairvoyant arts I know there’s a decent chance that a doctor is what just popped into your head.  Did you know that there are almost 5 nurses per doctor at hospitals across America though?  Behind every great doctor, there are about 5 great nurses doing their job to keep us healthy and alive.  Like physicians, nurses have to choose what they want to specialize in and who they want to help.  So as important as the job is, monotony can certainly start to creep in.  That is, unless you choose the route of today’s guest and become a float nurse.  Sefora has the opportunity to help anyone and everyone in the hospital, and has one of the most diverse jobs medicine has to offer.

When I tell people I’m a nurse they say, oh it takes a special type of person to be a nurse, —well maybe it does, but I’m not one. I’m sure it would help!
All of the jobs entail dealing with a massive amount of people. Unless your on maternity, you’re pretty much dealing with people on the worst day of their life. Nobody is happy to see you, nobody’s being their best possible self, and if they are they’re some kind of Saint.

Interview Contents

2:45 - What is a float nurse?
4:00 - The diversity of being a float nurse.
8:00 - Needing a whole team to get the job done.
9:10 - Getting attitude for being a float nurse.
10:25 - The decision to become a float nurse.
13:00 - Where and how to start when you become a nurse.
15:35 - Why does Sefora not like the ICU.
17:25 - Certifications/training to become a float.
18:35 - Certifications/training other nurses need.
20:35 - The similarities and differences of working in various areas of the hospital.
24:25 - Sefora’s favorite area to work in the hospital.
26:00 - Sefora’s least favorite area to work.
28:10 - Misconceptions people have about nursing.
29:10 - Sefora’s relationship to the physicians.
35:55 - What types of people would be good at what nursing specialties.
39:00 - Advice.


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