Flight Attendant (with Carin Ryan)

I pray that you never have to experience that type of pain…the pilot radio’d us back “we’re going to have an emergency landing”.

Oh sweet irony.  Here I sit, on a plane, writing this sentence.  I’m on my way to Japan for my honeymoon, and so far my flight attendants have been the most important part of my journey.  They brought me these amazing rice cracker snacks that I wish every flight had, they gave me water to take my melatonin with, and they brought me coffee 4 hour later, seemingly just in time to bring me out of my melatonin induced coma.  Yep, things are going pretty well for me up here thanks to my flight attendant crew.  But is it as cool as them as it is for me?  According to today’s guest, in fact, it is.

Really, truly, my life’s a vacation and it does not suck.
And then he’s wondering around the plane trying to touch our faces…he’s literally hitting the man in front of him, like whacking him upside the head.

Interview Contents

2:00 – What do you do exactly?  How does a day begin?

3:00 – Needing to be prepared for different flights needs.

5:15 – How flight attendant pay works.

7:30 – How a ‘trip’ works.

9:10 – Being on call.

12:00 – More details on a ‘trip’.

15:00 – Required rest.

15:55 – Bidding on trips.

17:20 – Do you ever get a light day?

18:00 – Having your career move with you.

19:30 – Vacation.

21:30 – How much time do you get at home?

23:30 – Saving money with your per diem.

25:00 – How Carin got the job.

30:00 – Carin’s crazy flight story.

35:15 – The things that get on our nerves.

38:35 – Rest time while on the flight.

40:40 – Handling unruly passengers.

43:00 – Other crazy experiences for Carin.

46:15 – Is this the job Carin thought it would be?

48:00 – Flight attendant pay.

49:40 – Do you have medicine on board to give passengers? Sedatives?

52:22 – Advice.

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