Experiential Psychologist (with Michelle Wang)

A lot of important information lies in our sadness, and the emotions we don’t want to feel are precisely the ones we can learn a lot about ourselves from.

I don’t know about you, but I sure am good at over-thinking things.  I think it’s a trait that humans developed when we realized we were capable of abstract thought.  We just started abstract thinking the hell out of everything!  Then, as part of a solution to our over thinking and various other struggles, we came up with psychotherapy.  Using the mind to help heal the mind, what a natural fit.  Today’s guest is a psychotherapist, but believes in stepping outside of the usual psychology role, and incorporating your body and other experiences into the therapeutic sphere.   I say anything that gets me thinking a bit less sounds good to me.

I’m a firm believer of not needing to suffer anymore than we already have to so if we can really tap into other ways of healing then why not?
Our bodies carry a lot of our joys and pains and our bodies very rarely lie about it (unlike our minds).

Interview Contents

2:10 - Experiential psychology.

3:55 - Techniques.

5:25 - Acting out your emotions.

8:00 - Exercises with couples.

13:11 - Goal or receiving a sense of fulfillment from the exercises.

15:30 - A uniquely human experience.

18:00 - Meditation.

20:25 - SF momentary. "Drinks with a shrink", therapy through food.

23:50 - Dinner in the dark.

29:30 - What can couples get out of the experience?

34:45 - Movement therapy.

39:20 - Being able to be sad but not being swallowed up by it.

44:10 - Advice.


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