Creative Brand Director (with Mike Giles & Chip Allison)

It’s not a logo. It’s not a piece of artwork or a brochure or a commercial. It’s a relationship. It’s an experience. It’s a whole mess of things all wrapped up in this one neat word.

I have a question for you.  What is the one thing that permeates EVERY aspect of consumer interaction with a company?  If you looked at the title of this episode you can probably guess that the answer is the brand.  Think about it.  When Chipotle decides to add a new menu item the number one question they need to ask themselves, even more important than ‘Does this taste good?’, is ‘Does this new item fit in with our brand?’.  When Apple decides to appoint a new employee as a speaker at an event, ‘Does this person represent our brand?’.  When Target decides to update the lighting inside their stores, ‘Does these lights feel cohesive with our brand?’.  It’s pretty crazy when you really think about it.  The bigger and more successful the company, the smaller and more mundane the change that needs to pass the brand test.  Today we learn all about this test and how we can better cultivate our own brands.

[You need to ask yourself] What is the current perception of my brand to the public? What do I want it to be?
Each new client is really immersing ourselves in a new industry. We’re not making a ‘Monomyth look’. We’re trying to step into the clothes of a new industry and find what the best way to function is.


1:30 - What is a brand and why does it matter?
3:30 - Is social media making keeping on brand more difficult?
7:00 - Having a defined identity.
8:15 - First steps when working with a client.
9:30 - All the various steps that lead to making a brand.
12:00 - The mood board.
15:00 - Design and strategy.
16:30 - The most difficult part of the process.
19:00 - Deciding who to work with.
23:00 - How do you know when your branding isn’t working?
25:30 - Brands that are doing a great job.
28:00 - The start of Monomyth.
34:00 - The biggest lessons in starting your own business.
37:30 - Advice to help find your brand.


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