Cattle Rancher (with Kevin Cole)

how to become a cattle rancher podcast interview
I don’t want to go to work, I want to stay at the ranch. When I walk out the door to go to work I step out on the porch and I can look out on the property and I can see the animals and I hate leaving.

Do you ever have daydreams about leaving the world behind?  Leaving the stresses and anxieties of the modern world and moving to a rural piece of land where you’re surrounded by the people that you love and some animals.  Today’s guest is working towards that goal.  Kevin is a part-time cattle rancher, working towards living the cattle ranching life all year round.  Kevin is a true inspiration to me as he embodies setting your own goal and then patiently, diligently, working towards it.  He’ll tell us all about the farm life, and the day to day of being a cattle rancher.

I tell ya, when I honk the horn on the truck the cows come running because they think that they’re going to get fed.
A lot of my time is spent on giving them the right food, making sure they have the right nutrients, making sure they don’t have worms, making sure they have they’re vaccinations and they’re healthy.

Interview Contents

1:30 - What a cattle rancher does.
4:00 - Being a part time cattle rancher.
5:00 - The different things you can do with a cow as a rancher.
8:30 - Why do the cows need to be moved?
9:45 - What do you need to get started as a cattle rancher?
11:30 - Inspecting your own cattle.
13:00 - Tracking the cost of a cow and trying to make a profit.
17:30 - Farm to table.
19:30 - Having relationships with the cows.
23:00 - Learning to be a cattle rancher.
25:30 - Where to put the cows.
27:30 - The day of a cattle rancher.
30:30 - How many cows make a full time job?
32:30 - Trying to do this part time.
33:30 - The ranch lifestyle.
36:30 - The pay.
38:00 - Advice.


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