Actor & Musician (with Tyler Hilton)

[Joaquin Phoenix] was like, ‘Dude, you’re Tyler Hilton! I saw your audition tape for Elvis, you gotta do it!’

Why do we always seem to limit ourselves?  ‘A job that awesome just isn’t going to happen for me.’  ‘That kind of success isn’t meant for me.’  ‘A relationship that great just isn’t in the cards for me.’  How do we know?  Who said that we could read the future like that?  You never know when something wonderful can be just around the corner.  Today’s guest Tyler Hilton followed his heart and never limited himself, and has been paid back in return.  He decided to not settle for having one awesome job and by the age of 21 had two.  He’ll tell us all about what it’s like to live two awesome lives at once, and explain why you should never assume what tomorrow holds in store for you because it might be more amazing than you could ever imagine.

I really try to go back to my authentic well often with my fans...the goal should be to try and show yourself, as scary as that can be, that should be the goal
Today I went to the subway shop and they gave me $2 off my sub! I’m not flying private jets any place, but I’ll get that hogie discount


1:55 - How Tyler got into the music industry (this is insane!)

11:00 - Fame as a 15 year old

17:19 - Getting meetings at a record label

19:11 - Tyler's first acting deal (another crazy story!)

25:45 - A day on set for Tyler (movie vs. tv show)

29:10 – Staying on the ball while acting.

31:50 - Dating/marrying an actress and those infamous romantic scenes.

34:39 - Acting vs. music. How Tyler balances his time.

39:07 – The scary freelance lifestyle.

41:43 – The isolation of fame.

44:04 - How Tyler balances connecting with fans and his personal privacy

46:19 - Advice Tyler would give his younger self.

47:05 - Advice for anyone wanting to break into acting.

49:45 - Where to find Tyler.


Tyler's website

Tyler's music on iTunes

Lesley Kahn Acting School


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