Teen Volunteer Abroad (with Jack Paquette)

I really made a connection with a boy and when I was told I had to go he wrapped onto my legs said, “please don’t go”.

Kids these days.  All they care about is themselves and their Snapchats.  Too busy staring at their cellphones to even acknowledge anyone else.  I mean, where will the world be headed with this next generation at the helm?  Am I right?!  Psych! (that’s what the kids say these days) This week’s episodes showcase how off base and misguided statements like that can be.  In this episode I speak with a 16-year-old high school student that raised and saved money for a year so that he could participate in a volunteer program that helps children in Ghana.  Jack then flew to Ghana and spent three weeks teaching at a school, made bricks to help rebuild said school, and connected with formerly trafficked orphans in the community.  Again, Jack is 16.  Enjoy his positive mindset and let him assuage your fears about our youth.

They called us up one by one and would say these amazing things about you, and when it was my turn, by the end of what my mentor was saying, I was in tears.
It made me more aware that I should be happier with what I have been blessed to have.

Interview Contents

3:15 – What type of kid wants to volunteer his time abroad during high school?

5:00 – Jack’s sense of empathy.

6:30 – Learning about and pursuing the possibility of going abroad.

9:00 – Raising the money for the trip.

10:30 – The prep that is required before going on the trip.

12:05 – The trip over to Ghana.

13:15 – Working in Ghana.

16:00 – Learning about the culture in Ghana.

19:50 – The most impactful thing Jack saw in Ghana.

27:00 – How to do a trip like Jack did.

30:00 – Gaining respect in the community.

31:30 – Who should and should not do something like this?

33:00 – Advice.


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