Obscure Record Collector (with Kevin Proff & Dan Davis)

It’s about shedding that light on the history that would otherwise go unnoticed

Have you ever collected anything?  Sportscards, stamps, rocks; there are a nearly limitless number of things to amass.  Collecting can be such a great way to really appreciate something on a deeper level.  It usually requires lots of research and time on the part of the collector, and they become everyday experts on the field of their passion.  Today’s guests really prove that you can collect almost anything you put your mind to.  Kevin and Dan are obscure record collectors, focusing on the strange, kitsch, and swept under the rug records of the past.  They’ll explain why the obscure can often be so much more fun than the usual rare records people pine after.

This dude is super prolific, something like 90 albums over 50 years...and nobody cares
You can’t ever really truly leave a physical medium behind...There’s something about having the physical item that is really hard to let go.

Interview Contents

1:50 – What made Kevin and Dan get into record collecting?

7:30– Crappy pop music.

9:00– Having something tangible.

9:20– Has the recent surge in popularity of records ruined it for you?

11:45– Obscure record collecting.

15:26– Finding incredible records.

21:10– Collecting valuable records.

23:30– Favorite records.

28:30– Creating a new hobby.

29:00– How much money do they spend on records?

30:00– Shopping at thrift stores.

32:45– Equipment recommendations.

38:19– Advice for getting into records.

41:02– Kevin and Dan’s podcast and YouTube show.


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