Hunting (with Stephen Miller)

It makes every meal so much more valuable now…you have so much more invested in it, and it’s very rewarding and when you get to share that with people its unbelievable…I literally spent ten days on a mountain and on the tenth day I shot this deer and then packed it out on my back, yes I will finish all this meat on my plate!

Human’s are at the top of the food chain, and in fact, most of us are completely removed from the food chain all together.  We understand that our fruits and vegetables grown on farms, but we go to supermarkets to get them.  We try to suppress the idea of where our meat comes from, or spend copious amounts of money to get it from a relatively humane source, but no matter what we do we just get it from somebody else that does any of the heavy lifting for us.  Today’s guest, Stephen, likes to hunt and eats the animals that he himself kills.  Some might consider hunting cruel, but Stephen explains why getting back into the food chain changes your perspective and appreciation for your food.

This is what I think is really important that people understand about hunting…I have as much of an appreciation and understanding…as a vegan, in the matter of respect to animals.
I think the perception of hunting is heading in the right direction. At the same time the number of hunters is plummeting.

Interview Contents

3:00 - When Stephen started hunting.
5:00 - The taste of wild animals.
5:50 - The prerequisite for hunting.
9:00 - Hunting pests.
10:45 - The types of hunting.
14:00 - Experiencing nature while hunting.
15:00 - Sneaking up on animals.
17:45 - Other legal requirements for hunters.
26:40 - Hunters’ code.
31:15 - The ethics of hunting.
46:10 - The cost of hunting.
49:45 - Processing the meat.
57:00 - What do you aim for and how do you kill the animal?
1:03:10 - Where are you legally allowed to hunt?
1:05:45 - Advice


Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Association

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