cisco today

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core businesses

  • Enterprise Networking

    • Routing

    • Switching

    • WAPs

    • IoT

    • Smart Cities

  • Collaboration

    • Phone

    • VoIP

    • Video

    • Text

  • Data Center

    • Server Platform

    • Virtual Server

    • UCS & Hyperflex

  • Security

    • Firewalls

    • Cloud

    • Physical

    • Threat hunting

We are extending our networking and security abilities to IoT, connecting devices with unprecedented scale and flexibility.

facts and figures

  • Cisco sees more internet traffic than Google

  • About 1/3 of the internet is built on Cisco

  • Cisco is the largest security company in the world

Innovation has given us our strongest portfolio in a long time
We are very pleased with our first half performance. We are aggressively transitioning to a software model, accelerating our innovation.
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