Cisco history



  • Founded in 1984. Leonard Bosak and Sandy Lerner, two Stanford computer scientists.

  • Invented a multi-protocol router that could connect two different LANs at Stanford.  

  • In 1985 Bosak and Stanford employee Kirk Lougheed began a project to formally network all of Stanford’s campus.  They adapted William Yeager’s blue box software into what became the foundation for Cisco IOS (Internetwork Operating System).

  • In June 1986 they were forced to resign from Stanford, and in 1987 Stanford licensed the router software to Cisco.

  • On Feb 16th, 1990, Cisco went public with a market cap of $224M.

The tech bubble

  • In the 90s Cisco continued to develop networking tech, and acquired other companies.

  • By 1997, 33 patents. Develops VoIP, FaxoIP, cable modem for home and small office.

  • In late March, 2000, Cisco becomes the most valuable company in the world with a market cap of $500B.