2016 HHI Awards

Here we are somehow, magically, one year since the last Half Hour Intern awards.  2016 was the first full year of Half Hour Intern and it was full of ups and downs (many more ups) that I will never forget.  Among other things the show was featured on iTunes, NPR, & CBC, listeners started supporting the show on Patreon, we got over 100 iTunes reviews, and starting this month the show is partnered with Virgin Airlines and will be on every flight in North America for the next six months.  Perhaps more importantly, I’ve made over 100 new relationships and learned countless lessons from the last year of the show.  And, as I said last year, none of these people are famous or doing what they are doing for any other reason than that is just the bad-ass type of person they are.  It is the perfect reminder of the greatness we can achieve and the amazingness that exists in the world around us at all times.  Knowing that Pascale Vermont (grief counselor) is volunteering her time with people that are dying is such a beautiful thing.  Knowing that Dr. Noah Kaufman is a rock climbing American Ninja Warrior in addition to being a great father and a full time Emergency Room physician is the true definition of humbling.  Knowing that Carin Ryan left her career and went out on a limb to become a flight attendant in her late 30’s (and she is loving it!) is truly inspirational.   

I am so profoundly honored that you all have continued to listen and give me a reason to continue this.  I promise that I will continue to learn and grow and make the show better and better with each passing episode.

Now!  The time has come to recognize some of the moments and people from this past year that helped make the podcast special. Those that stood out, one way or another, during the second year of the Half Hour Intern podcast.  Some made us laugh, some made us think, some made us wish we had a job where we were surrounded by baby goats.  The categories and nominees are as follows.  Winners will be in bold after they are announced.  All winners were voted on by Half Hour Intern listeners.

Guest That Makes The Biggest Difference

Grief Counselor (Pascale Vermont)
Mastectomy Tattoo Artist (Amy Black) - Winner!
Prosthetist (Kevin Carroll)
Assistive Technology Consultant (Brian Friedlander)
Australian Special Forces Vet - Working with other vets (Tim Thomas)

Most Inspirational

Australian Special Forces (Tim Thomas) - Winner!
Creative Marketing Prodigy (Brent Underwood)
Director & Author (Michael Goorjian) - Winner!

Most Unique Career

Cuddle Therapy (Travis Sigley) - Winner!
Pet Detective (Sarah Sypnewski)
Paranormal Psychic (Adrian Lee)

Most Unique Hobby

Pen Addict (Brad Dowdy) - Winner!
American Ninja Warrior (Dr. Noah Kaufman)
Obscure Record Collector (Kevin Proff & Dan Davis)

Career I'd Most Like To Do

Medicolegal Death Investigator (Dannine Lorenzo)
Moveable Feast Retreats (Laura and Tim Sullivan)
Travel Blogger (Collette and Scott Stohler) - Winner!
Wine Maker (Sterling Kragten)

Hobby I'd Most Like To Try

Spearfishing (Issac Daly & Levi Brown)
Home Brewing (Emma Christensen)
Flow Arts (Nicky Evers)
Glass Blowing (Josh Simpson) - Winner!

Best Story

Spearfishing - Shark attack (Levi Brown)
Flight Attendant - Losing cabin pressure (Carin Ryan) - Winner!

Best Advice

Street Artist (Cameron Moberg)
Cuddle Therapy (Travis Sigley) - Winner!
Author (Michael Goorjian)
- Winner!

Favorite Episode

Street Artist (Cameron Moberg) - Winner!
Teen Volunteer Abroad (Jack Paquette) - Winner!