The Baby Guy NYC (with Jamie Grayson)

podcast interview with Jamie Grayson The Baby Guy
Going on [The Martha Stewart] show I was like, this is what it feels like to be famous. But then I left there and I was on unemployment and had $40 to my name.

They say that you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. I’d say that’s pretty good advice, and today’s guest is the living embodiment of why.  Jamie went from broadway actor to being recognized as one of the foremost experts on baby gear in the world.  Jamie is a single male with no kids and no plans for having them.  Someone whom you would not look at and think, there is a guy that knows all about babies. Yet, life is a strange and beautiful thing that takes us down paths we would never imagine.

I have an apartment full of baby things, like I sit at a high chair at my dining table.
One of my friends sent me this video. It was the head buyer for Target and a room full of people asking him questions. One of the people was like ‘where do you go to get your information about baby products before you look at what things you want to bring in?’ And the head buyer for Target was like, ‘Jamie Grayson’s facebook page.’

Interview Contents

3:00 - How Jamie became The Baby Guy.

12:10 - Did you ever question yourself and what you were doing?

18:10 - Getting paid as a professional speaker.

21:45 - Reviewing products.

28:45 - Explaining being the baby guy to a date.

31:45 - The most important qualities for baby gear to have.

34:00 - Reviewing breast pumps.

37:25 - Could being a single man and not having a child be a strength when reviewing products?

41:45 - People not trusting Jamie because he is a man.

43:45 - Having a constant turnover of followers.

47:00 - Becoming famous.

49:00 - Being introverted.

51:45 - Jamie’s follower questions.

52:00 - Best advice Jamie has ever learned.

53:15 - What would Jamie do if not this?

53:45 - Biggest misconception people have about Jamie.

57:30 - How to try out baby gear when you live in a small town?

59:45 - The one item every new parent should have.  The one item new parents don’t really need.

1:01:30 - Balancing fame and personal life.

1:09:30 - What’s one thing Jamie would change about his life?

1:13:00 - Advice to get a life/job like Jamie.


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