Mobile Home Buyer (with Brandon Pfannenstiel)

how to flip mobile homes podcast interview
This is something that can help people get into a position of being able to own at a similar price to what they had been paying to rent.

What do you think ‘The American Dream’ is?  This was one of that hardest questions I was ever given in a small class in college.  Every student was put on the spot and had to answer in front of everyone else.  It was one of those times where you know the person asking has the ‘correct’ answer in their heads, and they just want to see what you’ll say, but you have no idea what they want you to say.  I don’t remember what my answer was, or what the correct answer was, but I often ponder the question.  What is The American Dream?  And does it change over time?

The most concrete and simple answer I can give to this is to be a property owner.  The single act of owning property is a statement that you live in a free and democratic society, and you are not going to be reliant on other people for your welfare.  It allows you to spend your greatest lifetime allocation of money on yourself.  It does…a lot.  And what’s more American than owning a piece of America.  Today I speak with Brandon Pfannenstiel.   He’s come up with an awesome business idea to help turn renters into owners, and put people on the path to the American Dream.

Flipping homes is huge out here in Arizona, but I wanted to be part of something that wasn’t so saturated… Mobile homes is kind of an untapped market.
We have more leads needing homes than we have homes.

Interview Contents

2:20 - What Brandon does.

4:30 - RV vs. Mobile home.

6:00 - Finding the mobile homes.

9:30 - Why don’t the mobile home parks sell the homes themselves.

12:00 - How Brandon came up with flipping mobile homes.

19:00 - How Brandon gets the capital for this.

21:30 - Renting to own.

23:45 - The market value of these homes.

27:30 - Rapid growth.

31:30 - Being an entrepreneur.

35:00 - Investing in something like this.

36:00 - Advice for flipping mobile home.


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