Influencer Marketing (with Kristy Sammis)

The idea, back in the Mad Men days, that you could hear conversations that were limited to personal interactions where people are recommending products...there was no way to tap into that. The idea that that would be possible would be mind blowing.

We humans are a fickle breed.  There’s part of us that loves to be told what to do, what to wear, and what to spend our money on.  Yet there seems to be an even bigger part of us that hates all of those things.  I think a big part of it is that while we’re being told what to do, we don’t want it to seem like we’re being told what to do.  What a predicament we’ve put the world of marketing in.  Tell us what we should like, but don’t tell us directly lest we feel like we’re being given some corporate line.  Enter the world of influencer marketing.  No more direct company messaging, no more fickle consumers. 

We’re savvier than ever, and we know B.S. when we smell it...As soon as you try to interrupt their (the influencer’s) voice and shove your corporate words into their mouths, there is no purpose in working with them.
There’s a couple people in our network that get paid $10,000 for a photo on instagram.

Interview Contents

3:00 – What is influencer marketing?

11:00 – Disclosing the fact that something is an ad.

13:00 – Letting an influencer use their own voice.

14:40 – The size of companies that are embracing influencer marketing.

16:00 – The term “influencer marketing”.

17:35 – How much can influencers get paid?

20:00 – The work that an influencer has to do.

22:20 – How do you know if an influencer’s followers are real?

23:35 – Getting campaign success info.

27:15 – Using old school metrics for new school marketing.

31:00 – Quality over Quantity.

34:30 - Animal influencers.

39:50 - Strange categories of influencers.

40:25 - Brands not to work with/controversies.

46:44 - Advice for new influencers. 

50:50 - Why influencer marketing works and why Kristy loves it so much.


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