Comic Book Creator (with Napoleon Doom)

Your dreams and your ideas are meaningful currency.

Comic books have seen quite a change in perception in the past decade.  Hollywood, and then everyone, took notice.  Blockbuster films were made.  Award winning shows were made.  Comic cons got more and more popular.  Cosplay became a word in the common vernacular, and suddenly, comics weren’t just for nerds anymore.  Still, everything seems to center around the big names, the Platinum Hits.  As you would imagine, like music, movies and other art forms, this is only a piece of the pie.  Hardcore comic book fans get into the underground stuff.  The independent and self produced stuff.  Today, independent comic book creator Napoleon Doom comes on the show to tell us about the world of independent comics and the creative process.

You get people to believe that what you’re doing is worthwhile and sometimes get yourself to believe that what you’re doing is worthwhile.
You are not what you’re born, you are something else entirely. You make yourself.

Interview Contents

4:00 - The origin of Lost Bread.
8:15 - Getting inspired by comics.
11:00 - The state of the comic industry.
14:00 - Being an independent comic book artist.
16:30 - Lucid dreaming.
23:00 - Easter eggs.
25:30 - Breaking the 4th wall.
27:30 - Having a pen name.
32:40 - The process for making a comic.
38:00 - Advice.


Lost Bread

Mysterious Galaxy (where you can currently buy the comic)


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