Brik Book Founder (with Brett Miller)

This is the last chance. We had not gotten a prototype that fit perfectly on the back of a macbook yet, and had briks stick to it properly. So the entire company is sitting there on some pallets in the warehouse and our complete future is resting there.

Have you ever had the dream that you invented the next big thing?  That you made the next ‘must have’ product that people all over the world wanted.  That you were finally the person that made something that made everyone say “Why didn’t I think of that?!”  Today’s guest, Brett Miller, is one of those people.  About a year and a half ago he created Brik Book, and after being featured in everything from Gizmodo to Oprah magazine, he is now in the middle of living that dream.  Brett will tell us all about Brik Book’s launch and the lessons he has learned on the road to success.

If they were completely indifferent, I think that would be a bad sign. Being hassled and being accountable to thousands of people when your product comes out, I think that that is a good thing.
If you had free time, what would you be doing? This is what I would be doing. And that changes everything.

Interview Contents

3:45 - The inspiration for Brik Book.
5:30 - How to make prototype?
7:30 - Getting press for the kickstarter.
9:30 - The benefits of kickstarter.
11:30 - The goals for kickstarter.
13:00 - Making the product.
16:00 - Networking.
18:50 - The biggest pre-launch lesson that Brett learned.
21:00 - Deciding on price.
22:30 - Having an easy work relationship.
24:30 - Hiccups and hurdles.
29:30 - Lego.
34:00 - Getting featured in O magazine.
38:20 - Kickstarter the second time around.
43:15 - The best thing about this whole experience.


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