2015 HHI Awards


This year and this podcast have meant so much to me.  I quit my job, launched my podcast, got married to the love of my life; it was quite and emotional roller coaster that I feel lucky to have ridden.  I am so honored to have had the opportunity to interview all the amazing people that I have.  Listening back for the awards reminded me of how many great people have been on over the course of the past six months.  It also really made me realize that this podcast proves the thesis that I had at its outset: Everyone can be extraordinary in some way.  (Most of) these people aren’t celebrities.  They are not people that would get attention for what they are doing in their every day lives.  They are not people that, outside of this podcast, would usually be getting interviewed for what they are doing.  Yet, put a mic in front of them and ask some questions, and the profound, sincere lessons of a life well lived begin to pour out.  In that regard this podcast has been so inspirational for me, and I hope you as well.  We do not need to be famous to be worthy of recognition.  We do not need to be ‘the world class expert’ to have deeply insightful advice to give.  Every day people can do extraordinary things.


Now!  The time has come to recognize some of the moments and people from this past year that helped make the podcast special. Those that stood out, one way or another, during the inaugural year of the Half Hour Intern podcast.  Some made us laugh, some made us think, some just made us wish that we had a voice that sounded more like theirs.  The categories are as follows, and winners will be posted on the date of the award:



Best Voice: Keon Saghari – Professional Dancer

Best Laugh: Tim Willhite – Salsapreneur

Best Story: Tyler Hilton – Actor/Musician

Best Advice: Jeff Palmer – Peace Corps  &  Josh Harris – Award Winning Bar Owner



Most Unique Hobby:

Todd Lappin - Neighborhood Blogger

Mike Garrett - Sensory Deprivation Floating

Ross Reichenbach - BASE Jumping

Most Unique Career:

Daniel Quagliozzi - Cat Behavior Consultant

Kelly Robinson - Vibe Manager

Soki - Tour Manager



Most Passionate & Inspirational (Hobby):

Ryan Ghelfi - Ultra Runner

Roxanna Meta - Cosplay

Most Passionate & Inspirational (Career):

Lucy Graves - Musician

Dr. Juli - Marine Mammal Veterinarian